Clouds: the Panacea for Most of the Web’s Woes

Event Description:

Cloud computing is being positioned as the solution for most of the hard web/internet problems (scale, large data set consistency, identity/privacy, monetizing the social graph). Cloud computing is many things — this talk will explore some of the areas where Cloud computing will succeed, and also where some of the harder challenges will remain. This talk will also introduce Microsoft’s cloud offering, Azure, and some of the interesting new concepts emerging, like data as a service.

About the Speaker:

Matt Thompson As General Manager of Microsoft’s developer & platform evangelism efforts Matt Thompson has the first hand opportunity to both observe and work with many of the area’s top technology companies. His time is split between supporting this influential community of technologists as they adopt Microsoft technologies (including Microsoft’s collaboration platform, SharePoint; and Microsoft’s new cloud offering, Azure) and exploring the next generation of platform technologies yet to emerge.

Previously, As Sr. Director of Sun’s Developer Cloud engineering organization Matt was responsible for Sun’s developer platform in the emerging cloud space. In his previous role, Matt responsible for Sun’s developer program and technology outreach worldwide. When not working you’ll likely find Matt off an island somewhere following his passion, underwater photography.

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Event Details

February 9, 2010


Fenwick & West
801 California St.
Mountain View CA


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