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Event Description:

In a panel discussion with some of the most prolific technologists and trailblazers in the world who are also featured in her seminal book, Going Supernova: The Bold Paths of 101 Superachievers!

Molly Lavik will be interviewing the featured Going Supernova Tech Superstars on how they unleashed their human potential to super succeed despite insurmountable odds! These trailblazers will be revealing their driving philosophies and playbook that helped them take advantage of inflection points in technology innovation so that they are poised for exponential growth!


Molly LavikMolly Lavik is a catalyst for the economic development of emerging industries. She was on the forefront of the incubation and launch of the digital media industry in the 1990s, currently is a well-known trailblazer in the sustainable business industry who played a significant role moving that industry from the lunatic fringe to wide-spread mainstream adoption. Most recently she has been working behind-the-scenes to help catapult the exponential growth and development of the artificial intelligence industry.


Aubrey de Grey: Trailblazer pioneering the research associated with preventing the diseases that cause aging; Biomedical Gerontologist; Chief Science Officer, SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence) Research Foundation; Editor-in-Chief, Rejuvenation Research

Ted Ning: Social venture expert including on how innovative technology platforms can be utilized for social venture success; Executive Director, Social Venture Network; Co-founder, Yuzen

Susan Frank: Clean Tech/Green Tech initiatives Expert; President and COO, Better World Group

Amy Seidman: Emerging Digital Media Expert, Creative Entity

Book Signing!

Purchase in advance the on-demand printed copy of Going Supernova and bring your copy to have it autographed by the Tech Superstars! And/Or buy in person the eBook and have the eBook cover posters supplied at the event signed in person by the Tech Superstars!

Join us! Food and wine will be served