High Tech Kumzitz


April 22, 2010

Event Description:

The Jewish High Tech Community presents its first High Tech Kumzitz. You may ask – What is a kumzitz?

Well, Kumzitz is derived from the Yiddish words kum (come) and zitz (sit). So we invite all to come and sit and enjoy a spirited discussion with some of Silicon Valley’s leading angels and venture capitalists. Let’s find out what they’re looking for — are you a budding entrepreneur who wants to know how to get these guys (or gals) to invest — or are you an investor (angel, superangel or VC) who wants to meet some high flying, high energy, disruptive startups.

OUR MOTTO IS TO ‘EDUCATE, INFORM AND CONNECT’ All are welcome to join in a spirited discussion – and you don’t have to be Jewish to take part – all are welcome.


Greg Mathis Bruce Taragin Aydin Senkut Robert Goldberg