Israeli Moon Mission

Event Description:

LogoIn conjunction with Silicon Valley Space Center: meet the team who will land the first Israe​li spacecraft on the moon.

Answering the call of the Google Lunar X Prize, a group of outstanding young Israelis – engineers and space experts – have come together to leverage Israel’s experience and knowledge in the field of miniaturized satellites to develop, launch and land the first ever micro-spaceship on the moon.

Today, almost half a century after the first moon landing, and 64 years after the birth of our State, a new generation of Israelis has come of age, and our team of modern-day pioneers is rededicating itself to this notion: if we will it, it is no dream.

SpaceIL’s purpose is not only to win the competition and strengthen the Israeli space industry, but to inspire the next generation of science and technological leaders – and serve as a catalyst to foster greater public enthusiasm and interest in science, technology and math (STEM) disciplines among Israeli youth.

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Event Details

February 13, 2013


Fenwick & West
801 California St.
Mountain View CA


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