JHTC Networking & Town Hall Meeting

Reflecting Back. Looking Forward.

At this month’s JHTC meeting, we’ll start with some wine and a light dinner, give everyone a chance to do some networking, and then we’d like to hear your thoughts on ways the organization can best make an impact in the community.

The JHTC’s mission is to “Educate. Inform, and Connect.” The JHTC Board will present some ideas that came out of a recent Board planning retreat, with some possible directions JHTC could head. We’ll start with a brief survey to see what people like (and don’t like) about the organization, then break into teams to brainstorm other ideas, and finally solicit your input on priorities.

JHTC is a true community, and as such we want to include everyone in the process of setting our plans for 2015 and beyond. We hope you will join us!

Members (and others interested in the future of the JHTC) are invited to attend this free town hall Meeting with the organization’s board of directors.

This is a free event! Food and wine will be served
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Event Details

January 14, 2015


950 Page Mill Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94304


This event has already taken place. Please join us at one of our upcoming events!