JHTC 2.0: Connecting Silicon Valley’s Young Professionals

JHTC 2.0 is an official program of the Jewish High Tech Community (JHTC). JHTC 2.0 enhances the lives of young Jewish professionals (21 to 40 years old) in the South Bay Area through networking and educational activities.

What are we all about?

  • Professional: creating professional connections and career enhancement opportunities
  • Personal: Making new friends and strengthen relationships
  • Educational: Expanding horizons through learning and mentorship opportunities

Do you want to get involved and attend a JHTC 2.0 event?

The best place to learn more about JHTC 2.0 and upcoming activites is on our Facebook Page. Tickets for events are available through EventBrite. As a way of thanking you for registering early for our events, we provide an early registration discount.

In addition to early registration discounts for individual events, attendees can purchase our annual membership for even greater discounts and benefits. Annual JHTC 2.0 membership includes free admission to all JHTC 2.0 and JHTC hosted events.

Meet our Leaders

JHTC 2.0 activities are organized by the JHTC 2.0 Executive Committee of the Jewish High Tech Community (JHTC).  We welcome others in the community to step forward to help on our leadership team.  If you are interested in getting involved, we encourage you to reach out to a member of the executive committee.

JHTC 2.0 Executive Committee


Saar Sagir, President
Katya Avagian, VP of Marketting
Katie Zeisl, VP of Events
Nyssa Spector, VP of Strategic Relations