Lean Startup Innovation – Not Just For Startups


July 08, 2014

Thanks everyone for the great event!

The Lean Startup

Event Description:

Everyone has heard the “Lean Startup” buzzword. But what does Lean Startup Innovation mean and how does it work in practice. Especially, how does it work in an organization that is not a small startup?

Our panelists will share their experiences in applying Lean Startup and breakthrough innovation across a spectrum of organizations and situations: How does it work? What are the benefits and pitfalls to avoid?

  • Phil Metz, Co-Founder SingingDog – Moderator and speaker
  • Aaron Eden, Co-Founder Moves the Needle – Speaker and panelist
  • Jay Badenhope, Senior Product Manager at JustAnswer – Speaker and panelist
  • Seth Webster, Affiliated with both Intuit and Moves the Needle, a long-time business and innovation leader, software engineer/architect – Speaker and panelist
Join us! Food and wine will be served.

Lean Startup Innovation Event Photos