Jewish High Tech Community Mentorship Program

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We connect experienced professionals with early career individuals wanting to work on personal and professional development. We use common interests and business experience to identify mentor/mentee pairs and then focus on providing guidance, professional development and candid conversations to build confidence, trust and a lasting relationship.

JHTC Mentorship Program Vision

The JHTC Board of Directors is proud to continue to host and support the JHTC Mentorship Program, which is entering its third year. This program is about building relationships between a mentor (someone with wisdom to share and an interest in providing guidance) and a mentee (someone who’s actively exploring ways to improve professionally). We currently create and support mentorship pairings of a six-month duration, about once a year. Over time we would like to expand it to include one in the fall and one in the spring. 
We invite all members of the extended JHTC and JHTC 2.0 community to apply to participate in the program. We ask that you approach the program with a career objective in mind, a monthly time commitment you believe you can maintain, and with a promise to be the best program participant you can be. This program is open ended by design. Each mentorship pair finds its own pace and determines its own progress.

JHTC Mentorship Program: The Next Phase

We will begin our participant selection process for the next cycle in the Fall of 2018 with the plan that the next cycle will begin in January or February. With the beginning of our third year we have learned a lot about how to encourage and guide without being overly directive and constraining. We have also discovered that in many ways this program helps both mentors and mentees grow. We have established some best practices and are striving to build a long-term sustainable program. This third cycle will last six months, the same as our current cycle which will conclude in November. Participants will be selected and matched based on information provided in a mentorship program application, an interview with someone from the mentorship committee, and the ability to participate in the in- person pilot kick -off meeting. 
Please note that the deadline for applying to participate will be December 20.  
During the six-month duration of the program each mentor and mentee will meet as frequently as they deem necessary and may do so electronically, face-to-face or both. Our current program has supported twelve pairs and we are hoping to raise this gradually over time. Fifteen pairs is our target for this next cycle. If you apply for this cycle and are not selected, don’t be disappointed as sometimes individuals are not selected because a viable partner is not currently available. Remember that there will be plenty of opportunity to participate in future cycles!

Steps to Participate in the Program

  1. The application period to participate in the next cycle of the JHTC mentorship program will open in November, 2018.
  2. Complete the online application form before December 20 to be considered for this cycle.
  3. Participate in a short pre -program interview (phone or video conference).
  4. Attend a mandatory in -person kick -off meeting around February 1, 2019, final date TBD.
  5. Commit to fully participate in regular meetings with your partner for about 6 months – February 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019. The frequency of your meetings is up to you and your partner.
  6. Provide periodic feedback to the mentorship committee on your experience.
If you have questions about the JHTC Mentorship Program please let us know:

JHTC Mentorship Program Steering Committee

  • Larry Slotnick, CEO, Slotnick Systems and JHTC Mentorship Committee Chair
  • Dan Abouav, CEO,
  • Wendy Askenas, Human Resources Specialist
  • Michelle Bogen, Manager, Advanced Powertrain, BMW of North America & JHTC Board of Directors
  • Peter Hoffman, Vice President of Marketing, Motion Solutions & JHTC Board of Directors
  • Mauri Schwartz, President, Career Insiders
  • Linda Lubin ThompsonExecutive Coach and Consultant, L2T Leadership Development
  • Karen Treiger, Human Resources Consultant, Options4Growth.
We’d like to express our appreciation to EDJ 2 Edge for designing our beautiful new JHTC mentorship program logo.  EDJ 2 Edge is boutique design and marketing agency specializing in corporate branding.