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You are a negotiator, whether you think about it that way or not. Every time people interact, there is negotiation going on: verbally or non-verbally, consciously or unconsciously. Convincing colleagues at work to adopt a certain course of action on the project. Negotiating a better job offer. Getting your kids to clean the room. You can’t get away from it. You can only do it well or do it badly.

Negotiating effectively requires the ability to change the game – moving away from conflict and toward collaboration.

In this workshop we will go over common mistakes negotiators make. We will cover strategies for preparing for and conducting a negotiation based on the proven framework from the Harvard Program on Negotiation. And we will talk about dealing with difficult tactics, and practice through role-play.

You will leave with a set of strategies and tools you can start applying immediately to your current negotiating challenges to improve their outcomes.


Marina SpivakIgnite Communications

Marina Spivak
Marina Spivak

During years of wearing both technical and business hats in healthcare, finance and IT industries, I discovered that the best products, projects and ideas didn’t always win. The difference was often in how the ideas were communicated. This led to a long-term quest for how to communicate to win people over.

True shifts in communication skills are life-changing. They can help you stand out professionally, and motivate action and get “yes”, at home and at work. But, most importantly, they will increase your ability to connect with others. – Marina Spivak

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August 12, 2014


950 Page Mill Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94304


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