Post-Disruption Marketing

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For years now, people have been saying that “the web changes everything.” And while that’s true, this cliche tells us nothing about how the web changes everything. Mass media, in particular, has gotten hit from every angle: TV, film and music companies no longer command the strategic chokepoint between artist and audience, journalism is no longer the sole province of the major daily papers and advertisers vastly different and greater means to reach their target demos.

Robert Scoble of and a special guest will give us their insights into what that means for us and how we can reshape our understanding to take into account MySpace, blogs and vlogs, wikis, Twitter, YouTube, RSS and so on, rather than remain stranded in the days when mass media ran only from publisher to viewer, reader or listener.


Robert Scoble

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Event Details

July 10, 2007


Fenwick & West
801 California St.
Mountain View CA


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