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rambam-health-care-campusAs the pace of innovation quickens in the 21st century, there are some incredible advancements taking place in the field of medical research and health care. One of the institutions at the forefront of innovation is the Rambam Health Care Campus in the North of Israel and side by side with the Technion Faculty of Medicine. Throughout the years, Rambam has been the source of many breakthrough discoveries in the field of imaging, cardiovascular technologies, stem cells and more.

At the event, we’re fortunate to have Professor Rafi Beyar, the CEO and Director General of RAMBAM. Professor Beyar will give us an inside look at some of the amazing developments coming out of Rambam. Don’t miss this fascinating look at the next generation of medical breakthroughs that will change our world.


Rafael Beyar MD DSc MPH
Rafael Beyar MD, DSc, MPH

Rafael Beyar MD, DSc, MPH | Professor Beyar has received prestigious prizes over the course of his career, among them the Taub Prize for excellence in Research and the Michelle Mirowski Award for Accomplishments in Cardiovascular Medicine. In 2005 he was nominated to the prestigious Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars for his worldwide contribution to cardiovascular science and for establishing the Technion-Johns Hopkins Collaboration Program on Biomedical Sciences and Engineering.

Prof. Beyar’s research and clinical interests range from mathematical simulation to imaging and analysis of the cardiovascular system, as well as the development of stents and new technology in cardiology. Additionally, he developed the world’s first robotic catheterization system, which is FDA approved and used in clinical practice.

He has authored over 150 scientific publications and 11 books, is founding editor of Acute Cardiac Care Journal and is the inventor of several medical devices used in cardiac surgery. Since 2006, Prof. Beyar has been serving as General Director of the Rambam Health Care Campus. He is now spearheading a major development plan in both clinical and research facilities at Rambam, focusing on the combination of medicine, science and technology that will most benefit patients’ health care.

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February 5, 2015


Oshman Family JCC
3921 Fabian Way
Palo Alto, CA 94303


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