Regulating Reputational Systems


March 10, 2010

Event Description:

Reputational information helps decision-makers predict a company’s or person’s future performance based on their past behavior. Our economy is filled with systems that capture and publish reputational information; examples include credit reporting databases, eBay feedback ratings, job references and consumer product reviews . This talk will survey various reputational systems, discuss some lessons about designing and implementing them, and explore how legal regulation can help or hinder the process.

About the Speaker:

Eric GoldmanEric Goldman is an Associate Professor of Law and Director of the High Tech Law Institute at Santa Clara University School of Law. Before he became a full-time academic in 2002, he practiced Internet law for 8 years in the Silicon Valley, including a stint as General Counsel of His research and teaching focuses on Internet, IP and marketing law topics, and he blogs on those topics at the Technology & Marketing Law Blog.