Social Games for the Mobile Device… The Next Big Thing!

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The “Next Big Thing” is here and it is Mobile Social Gaming – the ability to play games with other people using a mobile device like a smartphone or iPad. This is currently one of the hottest areas for VC investment. In less than 3 years, companies in this segment have grown to valuations of over $5 billion.

What are the key factors driving this rapid growth? What are the trends to watch? And what can we learn from early adoption in other markets?

At tonight’s event, Ron Czerny, Founder and CEO of PlayPhone a key player in the industry, will discuss the market and ecosystem of social gaming for mobile devices. He will share success stories from other more advanced markets like Japan, and discuss the potential in North America and elsewhere.

Ron’s presentation will also highlight a case study of the PlayPhone Social Gaming Network application called “PlayPhone Orbit”. PlayPhone Orbit will be the first true cross platform mobile social gaming network for smartphones globally.


Ron Czerny, Founder and CEO of PlayPhone

As founder, chief executive officer and board member, Ron Czerny serves as the visionary and driving force behind PlayPhone’s corporate strategy. Czerny’s more than 18 years of experience in the games industry has allowed him to help establish PlayPhone’s dominance in the mobile social games industry and position the company to compete and thrive on a global scale.

In 2000, Czerny founded Atrativa, a online platform and games company with operations based mainly in North and South America. As chief executive officer, Czerny led Atrativa to its current status as the premier Web games provider, powering several major ISPs including Earthlink, UOL (South America’s largest ISP), Yahoo!® Brazil, AOL® Brazil, MSN® Brazil, Ibest (Telecom Brazil), Terra Networks (North and South America) and many others. RealNetworks, Inc. acquired Atrativa in 2006.

Czerny also played a key role in Latin America’s video game industry between 1992 and 1999 as the co-founder of the Brazilian Video Game Association and Head of Capcom’s video game distribution and strategy in the region.

Czerny is currently the Chairman of the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) for Latin America and a Board Member of MEF Global.

Czerny holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in international business from San Jose State University.

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Event Details

November 8, 2011


Fenwick & West
801 California St.
Mountain View CA


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