An Evening of Facilitated Networking

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Tools for Navigating the Business World without a Script

Whether you are networking, interviewing, conducting a strategy session, or presenting to a VC, being able to think on your feet, communicate effectively and easily establish connection are critical skills.

Enter the world of Improvisation – an art form where teams of people communicate and collaborate on stage without a script, but with the pressures of an audience, limited time, and few resources.


In this fun and engaging workshop, build up your communications toolkit by learning and applying some of the key tools from the world of Improvisation. No stage performance or pressure here! Instead, you’ll walk away with valuable tools that you can use, no matter your role. After all, business is a stage and you can be the star.


Lindsey Caplan creates and delivers customized and engaging workshops to help individuals and teams adapt, lead, communicate and collaborate. She comes from the Education Department at DreamWorks Animation where she created a first-in-kind Improvisation training program. Her toolbox includes teachable skills from Improvisational Theater and storytelling that she applies to the work environment of each client to prepare teams to navigate the business world without a script.

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Event Details

August 14, 2012


Fenwick & West
801 California St.
Mountain View CA


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