The New Social Web: Trends and Opportunities

Event Description:

Have you ever shared a website with friends by tweeting it, or clicking “Like”? Read a user review? Or maybe you’ve signed in to a website by using your Facebook ID? If so, you’re visited one of the growing number of sites that are becoming “social”. By integrating the power of social networking sites and tools, websites are achieving many benefits that allow them to drive more traffic and create greater customer value. The Social Web is expanding, one website at a time.


With: Gigya, PayPal, Cellfire, Moxie

At tonight’s event, a panel of experts will speak and engage the audience on the growing trend of websites to become “social”. Led by a representative from social technology provider Gigya, panelists will identify the different ways in which websites can become social, and the key benefits to users and site owners of incorporating social features into websites.

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Event Details

April 26, 2011


Bank Leumi
2000 University Ave, 1st Floor
East Palo Alto, CA


This event has already taken place. Please join us at one of our upcoming events!

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