Events Timeline

Noted Speakers at JHTC Events

Daniel Kraft, physician-scientist (Stanford, Harvard), inventor, entrepreneur, innovator
Noah Alper, founder of Noah’s Bagels and founder of Bread & Circus
Bill Davidow, Silicon Valley engineer, marketing executive, author, venture capitalist
Craig Newmark, entrepreneur founder of internationally renowned Craigslist website
Steve Perlman, Silicon Valley entrepreneur behind technologies like WebTV and OnLive
Robert Scoble, American blogger, technical evangelist, author

“I find that attending JHTC presentations is a great way to stay in touch with the tech world and business in Silicon Valley. JHTC programs are usually very interesting with most presentations superbly done. They generally meet or exceed my criteria for a good presentation – interesting to hear, good presentation, something useful to take away.”

Wolfgang Schaechter, JHTC member

“JHTC provides the opportunity to see what new startups and entrepreneurs are up to. Two of my recent favorites were: Debbie Sterling, founder and CEO of Goldieblox, a toy company on a mission to inspire the next generation of female engineers; and Sharon Marzouk, an avid robotics educator, who uses robots to interest boys and girls in science technology, and engineering.”

Konrad M. Sosnow, JHTC member