Mentorship Program Registration

Now accepting submissions for the 2020 Program

The JHTC Board of Directors is proud to continue to host and support the JHTC Mentorship Program, which is entering its fourth year. This program focuses on building relationships between a mentor (someone with wisdom to share and an interest in providing guidance) and a mentee (someone who is actively exploring ways to improve professionally). Our current mentorship pairings are of a six-month duration, and we run the program once a year.

Steps to Participate in the Program

  1. The application period to participate in the next cycle of the JHTC Mentorship Program is now officially open.
  2. The deadline to submit your online application will be October 13, 2019.
  3. Participate in a short pre-program interview (phone or video conference).
  4. Attend a mandatory in-person kick-off meeting in January 8, 2020.  This meeting will be held in the Palo Alto area.
  5. Commit to fully participate in regular meetings with your partner for about 6 months – January 8, 2020 to July 15, 2020. The frequency of your meetings is up to you and your partner.
  6. While the JHTC Mentorship Program officially concludes after the 6-month period, we know that in some cases, mentorship partners will decide to continue their mentorship relationship for a longer period of time.The decision to continue meeting as a mentee-mentor pair beyond 6 months is at the mutual decision of the mentorship participants.
  7. The Mentorship Committee is always looking for ways to improve the program. In this spirit, we will periodically ask you to provide your candid feedback on your experience.

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