Starting From Scratch

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So you’ve got a startup idea? You’re dying to get out of your day job and into your own business? You’re not yet out of school and never want to work for the man? Seth, the Co-Founder and CEO of Meebo, attempted his first startup in high school and multiple throughout college. He’ll talk about the key lessons (and reasons for failure) he learned along the way to co-founding Meebo with Elaine and Sandy, his two co-founders. Today, Meebo reaches 120M unique users monthly, has raised $37M and employs 85 people. We’ll focus the discussion on practical steps that you can take to get your startup up and running, right now.


Seth Sternberg is a co-founder and CEO of Meebo, which currently reaches over 100M unique users monthly. Prior to Meebo, Seth worked at IBM in Corporate Development leading M&A transactions and worked on strategy and VC initiatives. Seth majored in Political Science at Yale and attended Stanford Business School before leaving for Meebo. Seth flies airplanes, rides motorcycles and rollerblades.

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April 13, 2010


Fenwick & West
801 California St.
Mountain View CA


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