Silicon Valley Startup CEO

Creating Your Successful Startup:
From Soviet Émigré to
Silicon Valley Startup CEO

Growing your career as a new hire in Silicon Valley is certainly demanding, but creating and managing your startup business moves you to the next level of complexity. In tonight’s workshop, Ron Warshawsky, CEO of Enteros, will discuss his student years in Georgia in the Soviet Union, his migration to Israel, his technical work there and how he subsequently migrated to the US in increasingly demanding roles. On founding and growing Enteros, he says, “There are many traps, surprises and an astonishing amount of non-technical information that startup founders must learn and exercise to succeed.”
From anecdotes to practical steps to bootstrap your startup, Ron will share his experiences and advice on how elusive your company’s success can be. The CEO must be both creative enough to find innovative new technical solutions for the most difficult customer problems and flexible enough to cope with the flood of new business issues they encounter each day.
If you would like to consider what some of the possibilities are for yourself, come and hear from Ron about some realistic challenges and avoidable mistakes along the way.
Featured Presenter: Ron Warshawsky
Ron Warshawsky is the CEO of Enteros, a Cupertino based technology company specializing in enterprise database optimization technologies and cloud based software performance assessment. Enteros provides a SaaS platform and expert services to resolve mission critical database infrastructure problems. Ron founded Enteros in 2004 after working at various Silicon Valley based companies as their Database Administrator (DBA) and principal technologist. Ron is also an active Mentor in the JHTC Mentorship Program.
This is a JHTC Professional Development Series (PDS) Workshop

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Tuesday, Feb 15th
7:00 – 8:30 pm

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