The New Era of Machine Intelligence

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In March 2005, Donna Dubinsky, Jeff Hawkins and Dileep George, founded Numenta, Inc. Their goal is to create machine intelligence by developing theory based off the principles in the neocortex.

Numenta has developed a cohesive theory, core software technology, and numerous applications all based on principles of the neocortex. This technology lays the groundwork for the new era of machine intelligence. Their innovative work delivers breakthrough capabilities and demonstrates that a computing approach based on biological learning principles will make possible a new generation of capabilities not possible with today’s programmed computers.

Like the brain, Numenta’s machine intelligence technology can be applied to many types of problems. We have tested it on a variety of applications to validate its broad applicability.


Donna Dubinsky
Donna Dubinsky

Donna Dubinsky first partnered with Jeff Hawkins at Palm, Inc. in 1992, where she served as president and CEO. She held this position throughout Palm’s acquisition by U.S Robotics and subsequently 3Com Corporation. In 1998, Donna and Jeff co-founded Handspring, creator of the category-defining Treo smartphone. Handspring merged with Palm in 2003, and Donna continued to serve on Palm’s board until 2009. Previously, Donna spent 10 years at Apple Inc. in a multitude of sales, sales support, and logistics functions—both at Apple and at Claris, an Apple software subsidiary.

Donna earned a B.A. from Yale University, and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. She is currently on the board of Yale University.

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February 9, 2016


Fenwick & West
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