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Introduction to the JHTC Professional Development Series of Training Workshops (PDS)

The 2022 Professional Development Series (PDS) Workshops are offered to the broad JHTC community at no cost.

The JHTC Board of Directors and mentorship committee are proud to host the JHTC Professional Development Series of Training Workshops (PDS). These workshops provide professional development skills and tools enabling career professionals with ways to improve and grow professionally and personally. These workshops are an excellent resource for all professionals looking to develop lifelong skills to enhance their career growth and in many cases their interpersonal skills. This year there are four workshops scheduled, as shown in the table below. We look forward to having you join us. To learn more about our next workshop  click the registration button below.

Our workshops are led by experts in each topic domain and encourage you to interact with the workshop leader during each one. We try to present workshops on diverse topics and take advantage of the highly skilled mentors we have available through the JHTC Mentorship Program. Our workshops this year are led by a successful tech company founder sharing extremely valuable advice for prospective company founders and leaders, an intuitive professional job recruiter and career advisor with her own recruiting firm, an experienced and perceptive HR leader and specialist with her own consulting firm, and a senior Facebook engineer sharing insights into how to be an effective strategist through influence rather than reliance on managerial agreement. Each year we receive very positive feedback from our workshop participants.

We’d like to express our appreciation to EDJ 2 Edge for designing our beautiful new JHTC mentorship program logo. EDJ 2 Edge is a boutique design and marketing agency specializing in corporate branding.