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Introduction to the JHTC Professional Development Series of Training Workshops (PDS)

The JHTC Board of Directors is proud to host and support the JHTC Professional Development Series of Training Workshops (PDS) which is in its third year. These workshops provide professional development skills and tools enabling early career professionals with ways to improve and grow professionally and personally. These training workshops are offered annually as a late Winter / early Spring Semester. They are also offered free of charge to current participants and alumni of the JHTC Mentorship Program as well as to any other JHTC member or participant.
The 2021 series includes five unique workshops held between February and June 2021. Each workshop is led by an expert workshop facilitator and designed as an interactive, experiential learning experience. They are an excellent resource for job seekers or professionals looking to develop lifelong skills to transform their careers.

Professional Development Series of Workshops (PDS)

These 2021 workshops will help you think more deeply about your career and build your confidence. You will begin to realize that you can take steps to have more control over things like improving your effectiveness with others in the workplace, learning leadership skills enabling you to convince others that your ideas are sound and likely to be successful, building stronger team relationships at work, being prepared and responsive to job situations that are in constant flux, thinking beyond your current work situation to where you ultimately want to be, and adopting job search methods enabling you to be positively seen amongst all the other applicants. We believe that your PDS participation will benefit you in many ways as you move into the next phase of your career.
The 2021 program schedule is listed below:
Each row in this table contains the PDS workshop session title and the facilitator. Clicking on the “Session Title” will take you to a workshop description. Clicking on the “Facilitator” will take you to a presenter bio or their LinkedIn page. Not all rows have these workshop description links available at the moment, but it is our intent to have them posted within three weeks of each workshop date.
All 2021 workshops are Zoom based and free of charge. However, advanced registration is required to obtain the workshop Zoom login details. By clicking on the “Session Title” in the table above, you can also register for the workshop(s) that pique your interest. 
If you have any questions, please let us know. We look forward to seeing you at one or all of the sessions!
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